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Respect your users

Lately, I started noticing a sad trend. Apps, websites and even operating systems disrespect their users more and more. What is this about, might you ask? Here’s what:

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No, dear VK, I don’t want to “think about the security of my account”. Get lost.


I made some OS X apps

When you’re a software developer, life is both easier and harder. It’s easier because if you need an app for something, you open an IDE and write it. It’s harder because the ideas for new things usually start coming and they don’t stop coming come faster than you’ll ever be able to actually implement them in a half-decent manner. Nevertheless, I’d like to present to you my three apps that I made because there wasn’t anything good enough already in existence. And since I passionately hate the ideas of copyright and intellectual property, all of these are completely free, open-source, and licensed under “The Unlicense“. So, here goes. (more…)

Immortality vs. society


…and how to convert people into immortalism in a few simple steps.

There were countless times when I’ve heard something like “I’ll leave this behind” in different forms from different people. Or even as a question: “what are you going to leave behind?”. People say this being serious, they don’t have a clue. This socially-accepted principle, saying that a finite life is okay and aging is a good argument in any controversy and a respectable excuse for virtually anything, is wedged deeply and firmly into their heads. But… (more…)

My 2015

Do you know why do people really celebrate an increment of the number of the current year? To make it easier to set new goals and count achieved ones. To, during the last seconds of the year, say themselves something along the lines of “I accomplished nothing this year, but I’ll do this, that and even that in the next one”.

Now I have a blog

So I decided I need a full-featured blog. I used to use VKontakte posts for similar purposes, but they’re not always a convenient way of getting the point across: for example, there’s no technical way to put an image or a video in the middle of the text, and I sometimes desperately want to do that. From now on, I’ll be writing my big texts on life and professional activities here. And, since I’ve got a handful of domains with my name in them, and for a long time I wanted to do so anyway, each post is available in two languages: English and Russian. The language-switching link is somewhere above.

For the curious ones:

  • This thing runs on WordPress on my server. Yes, so original.
  • I so badly wanted a theme as minimalistic as possible but didn’t find any and had to make one myself. Whenever I’ll be sure it’s okay, I’ll publish it for everyone. At this point, I’m almost certain I forgot something that has to be fixed/implemented. And, BTW, it doesn’t look like hell in Internet Explorer 😉
  • Multilinguality is implemented using qTranslate X, and comments use Disqus. Had to spend a hour and a half writing a plugin in order for them to work together nicely because Russian comments on an English text are not cool and it isn’t capable of separating them out of the box.
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