My 2015

Do you know why do people really celebrate an increment of the number of the current year? To make it easier to set new goals and count achieved ones. To, during the last seconds of the year, say themselves something along the lines of “I accomplished nothing this year, but I’ll do this, that and even that in the next one”.
I, personally, achieved a lot during 2015, both in personal and professional areas:
— Had a laser surgery and got a perfect vision
— Obtained team working skills through pain and suffering
— Visited the world’s most famous abandoned city
— Learned driving and got a driver license (no, I’m not going to buy my own car in St.Petersburg)
— Graduated from the university getting the highest possible grade for my graduation project
— Launched the public beta of the VK’s Android app, complete with Material Design
— Took a second place in the Telegram’s Android contest
— After all, went to Moscow to be a speaker on a conference in front of a giant crowd and, as it turns out, almost didn’t mess it up.

Also, this is the first time when I tried to follow the lead of some of my friends and sum the year up in the form of a video. Don’t forget to set the highest quality.